Company Profile

Fuwei is a passive component agent and scheme designer. It has been in the industry for more than ten years. It has close relationship with suppliers and large customers, has a wide range of channels, and has the advantage of providing spot IC.

There are companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and each has its own warehouse, which can quickly respond and provide customers with a good purchasing experience. All goods are guaranteed to be genuine.

The company has set up a laboratory in Shenzhen, which can detect the appearance and electrical properties. At the same time, it provides the terminal customers with ESD static electricity, SURGE surge, EFT fast burst, and electromagnetic radiation.

At present, we have cooperated with important domestic and foreign spot companies including Smith. Welcome new friends to inquire!

  • 2020Year


  • 8+

    Worldwide Locations

  • 1000+

    Serving customers

  • 8000+

    Success Cases

product product
advantage Advantage
  • Rich Experience

    Own agency product line with over ten years of agency experience

  • Professional Services

    There is an application team that can provide technical services to customers

  • Stable Channels

    We have long-term stable and reliable partners who can provide stable supply.

  • Integrity And Assurance

    Integrity first, ensuring authentic products, and keeping promises without skipping orders.

quality quality
  • Strict selection of suppliers

    Filter suppliers from multiple dimensions and conduct regular evaluations

    Necessary conditions:

    1. We have collaborated with our affiliated company for more than three years beyond the spot market

    2. The source of the goods must be clear

    3. It is necessary to ensure that the original product is genuine and can bear corresponding responsibilities

  • Incoming inspection

    Establish a strict and comprehensive inspection mechanism by combining internal inspection with third-party inspection

  • Prosecution

    Establish complete and detailed import and export records, enabling timely tracing to the source

news news

Important signal! The semiconductor spot market may be quietly bottoming out and rebounding

As is well known, the chip industry was very difficult in the first quarter of this year, with many leading companies experie